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James Hardie Siding – The World Leader 4 years ago

James Hardie Inc. is more than a century old Australian company which is also a world leader in manufacturing fiber-based cement. Established in the year 1888 in Melbourne, this company is globally recognized with plants situated in Philippines, United States, New Zealand and of course, in Australia.

A vast range of products

James Hardie Inc. is a century old fiber cement specialist offering a wide variety of impactful products for the construction of your house. Its products of fiber cement include flashing, trim, soffit, and siding. Amongst all its products, siding is the most famous and highly demanded by the housing contractors all over the world.

Proprietary Formula

To prepare James Hardiesiding products, a proprietary formula is used. The siding consists of a mixture of wood fiber, Portland cement, sand and water. The formula offers extra durability and makes it a product that lasts a lifetime. James Hardie siding when used correctly offers the homeowners an amazing protection against natural calamities like hurricanes, fires and hail. Some important features of this product are:

• Non-combustible

• Ability to withstand winds of 150 mph

• Class 5 flood resistant

• Ability to withstand the impact of small as well as large missile

The largest manufacturer in North America

Though the home of James Hardie is Australia, but it is the biggest fiber cement manufacturer in North America. The popularity of James Hardie siding can be measured from the fact that you can find it in all parts of United States . You will even find these sidings in the storm-battered areas of Atlantic Coast and the Gulf of Mexico as well as in the fire-prone valleys and mountains of California. Since governments keep on placing strict restrictions on the housing developers, the professional builders are moving towards James Hardie for a siding of superior quality, excellent performance and good looks.

Environment friendly products

The company is well-known to choose environmental maintenance and protection over profits. It uses renewal sources for the production of siding products, and it also intends to keep the manufacturing process green Home Improvement. Most of the resources are achieved locally and during the manufacturing process, recycling of water is done. Because siding products of James Hardie are environment-friendly, they are used in many famous buildings of the United States.

Why the fiber cement siding?

The fiber cement products are bug proof and they never crack. These siding provides a better coverage of the whole house and thus benefits homeowners by saving a lot of energy or eliminating the paint costs. There are some areas in the country where the usage of James Hardieproducts lowers the insurance premiums of homeowners. Three different kinds of siding products made of cement fiber are produced with the name Hardie Plank.

Whether you are looking to remodel your home or customize it as per the requirements, you should always take a look at the various options for house siding available. For a precise help about the James Hardie siding, you can anytime visit

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